The Innocent Heart


What is innocence?

We enter this world with innocence – pure presence, no ego, curious about this vast, shining world which calls to all our senses.


As we get older – start school, get friends, listen to teachers, to the society, to movies – this innocence is slowly being lost. We get influenced by the outside. We lose the connection with the inner world, our link to existence, as our focus moves from the heart to the head. We become concerned with what people think of us: how to behave, what to believe, what is good, what is bad. An identification of who we are is created through constantly comparing ourselves with others.


For some, the link is still alive. There is a subtle remembrance in our being, some awareness that this world of ego, competition and comparison cannot be real. By some miracle this inner knowledge has brought us to Satsang. In humble recognition, we rejoice in the presence of a being who has returned to his innocent heart – our beloved Swaha.


In Satsang, a 12-year old girl shared a beautiful poem about her experience of being in the garden of the Beloved:

A Beautiful Scene

A scene of beauty unfolds before my privileged eyes,
An overflowing bowl of happiness erupts inside of me,
I see a flowering paradise through a blue glass window,
The sun is casting ripples of light over an ever-moving lake of blue,
It sends splinters of heat through a lush green world,
And I feel at home.


During this Innocent Heart process, we have opened up to reconnect with our innocence. We have shared a beautiful, safe space where we could find the courage to drop the protective masks we normally wear. A space where we could find our own answers, from our own experience, learning to trust our own hearts and the innocent wisdom they possess.


Remember, your intuition, your innocence, your clarity is just hidden under a lot of ideas and mind and projections. But it’s there. Learn to trust it more and more, so you can see things as they are.

Vasant Swaha