My invitation is for silence, for freedom, for love. But if you are too occupied in your mind, in your plans, you won’t hear it.
The first thing is to make you stop.

Vasant Swaha


We are stopping – the past week of rebirthing, sharing and self-inquiry has helped us to go slower and slower.
Beautiful in itself, but only a preparation.

We are stopping – listening more and more to the silent voice of the heart, the one that has recognized something deeper, higher, better. The One that connects us to another dimension to life.


Beyond the thrill of emotions, silence comes quietly. It is not something we can do. It comes as a rooting flower, when all is ready, when we have carefully cleared the ground, nourished it and taken good care of it. Then, the seed of silence can start growing, all by itself.


And in silence, we discover more and more who we truly are. The melody of existence finds us, as we tune in, to become one with it.

In mind there is no meditation, and in meditation there is no mind.
So meditation is the door to freedom, to your inner sky.

Vasant Swaha



As we sit in Vipassana, our inner sky clears, and another truth is unveiled: How could we ever meet Silence in such beauty without our Beloved?

Recognizing this, our hearts rejoice with an ever expanding gratitude.