Alone in our silence, keeping our energy to ourselves, we can slowly look inside – perhaps for the first time. What we find may come as a shock. Our ideas of ourselves often do not match the reality. In the stillness, without our masks and with honesty shining its bright light in our faces, we can catch a glimpse of the real.


A friend shared in Satsang that she had found a space where she could trust to go deeper, where she felt safe to open up; to look at what she had never looked at before. Fear had held her back, but now she realized: “I did not know it could be so nice to be me, so nice to be alive.”


It’s such a simple thing, and still it’s so hard sometimes to remind you. That you can let go of your burdens and start dancing.

Vasant Swaha


Without the distraction of that which is outside of ourselves, we are better able to hear the whispers of our hearts. When we stop and listen, we can hear the most wonderful secrets, the true longing of our souls.

When you realize what is the most important thing in your life, you want to take look after it. In such deep love, you surrender, you disappear. In the West, the concept of surrender is misunderstood, it is seen as defeat – losing a war. Surrendering to the Master is a totally different thing; it is getting out of your own way and allowing the Master to guide you, to help you to grow. It is surrendering, not to the person, but to the mystery.


And that’s what Satsang is. It’s not in the teaching, it’s not what the Master says. But you catch something, you don’t know what, but it’s very tangible. Much more real than any words. Then, it’s not your mind, but your whole being, your soul, your heart that starts falling in tune.

Vasant Swaha