The Deeper Love


The first week’s program helped us to relate from our hearts with more awareness. What a pleasure it is to then feel Mother Nature, with a long walk into her wonders!




In the second week of this summer retreat, the program involved sitting in pairs, asking and answering a question, followed by an exercise using deep continuous breathing. This helps us to bypass our habits and conditioned ways, leading to new levels of understanding of who we really are.



New questions arise in us. Some find their way to our Beloved, who answers them patiently in Satsang.

A friend shared about how difficult it is to love and accept himself, and live Love in reality, independent of any relationship.

Everybody is trained to do that – To love the other, to love your parents, to love your children, to love your partner. Nobody is teaching you to love yourself. And how can you love if you haven’t found love in you? It’s impossible.

Vasant Swaha



And beyond the words he shares with us, there is a peaceful, silent truth that is slowly, slowly unveiled. When this is really absorbed, gratitude and beauty grows beyond any understanding. We learn to discover our Love.

…and celebrate it.


What is happening here is not a teaching but it’s something alive.
It’s not a teaching but still you can learn it.

Vasant Swaha