Relating From The Heart




During the first week of this retreat, many of us joined the program “Relating From The Heart”.  We had to commit ourselves to join the whole process, taking part in all meditations through six days. It felt quite challenging to go into this process, – like starting a long hike with no return possibilities. But somehow, a silent voice was calling upon us – to go.


In a carefully designed program, we were invited to investigate how to relate more truthfully to our selves, and through that, to other selves.



And in this process, the natural comes closer to us. Laughter, tears, sounds, tastes, silence. Nature itself…. They all come to us more real. Then, in this space, we discover the beauty of relating to our friends on a level behind the masks – The masks we have had to put on in order to survive in the world.  We learn to live the beauty of relating from our hearts. And we also become aware of how vulnerable we are in this space. How sensitive we really are.


And then, in Satsang, our Beloved makes us realize that this space of the heart is the only true space. What we have touched in our selves, is what He is. What He lives. Only pure Love.


Closing the process, we live new levels of priceless gratitude.
To our Beloved Swaha, for blissfully provoking us, and to our selves, for being here, alive at his feet.