The Spirit of Freedom



Blessings upon blessings showering on us. Again we are gathered in the magical forest at Dharma Mountain – alive, in this moment. Nurturing our hearts. The light of our Beloved Master awakening the remembrance of the soul.


Supported by nature – the simplicity, the acceptance of everything as it is. The acceptance of birth and death, the seasons, the weather. Nature doesn’t question the rightness of what is happening – when the moment comes to unfold, the flower unfolds. When the moment comes for the flower to die, it dies. It is pure acceptance, and pure relaxation.


Nature is as relaxed in the intensity of a waterfall as it is in the stillness of a pond. The birds relax in their flight. The roots of the trees relax in the earth, the branches in the sky. Nature is relaxation, nature is freedom.
In the light of the beloved, we realize that when we are natural, we are free, we are at ease.



For lifetimes we have been prisoners, caught in unconscious patterns, expectations and ideas. When we finally start to see these patterns, it is up to us to take the responsibility to break free from them.

We have to stand up for the freedom to be who we are.

We are not used to our freedom. We haven’t realized we are free. That’s why we live just like slaves. Even if the boss says something, it can take your whole freedom away, no? Even your family. Your husband. Anything can stop your freedom – then again you compromise, your compromise yourself, you don’t stand up – even if you have seen the truth. You have to practice; this world is to practice that you are strong enough to stand up for your own insights.

Vasant Swaha