By Your Grace

From the silence within, a deeper peace arises. With this, something magical happens. We realize that it is truly possible to live the Love which the Master is. The divine fire which he has ignited in us will support us in our onward journey.



As we emerge from silence, we are reconnecting with friends, sharing the beauty that we are, enjoying each others’ presence. Now this happens from a more vulnerable, more beautiful space. We realize that silence is still alive in our hearts. So wonderful! We can carry it within us as we move in this world, recognizing that is such a fragile treasure. This is the true sannyas – moving in the world, but untouched by it.

When you go out, be Love. When you go in, be Silence.


Overwhelmed with love and filled with wonder, mere words cannot express the immense gratitude which fills our hearts. It cannot be told, it can only be lived.



Only by Your Grace, Beloved. Only by Your Grace.
Thank you.

Lucky are those who are longing for silence, for peace, for truth. They will always be helped by existence. Because that is why you are here – to be real, to be truthful, to be loving, to be silent. To be yourself.