In the Beloved’s Garden


It is Spring in Brazil, and a special fragrance is in the air… Babaji is back in Mevlana Garden, making our hearts blossom. On Monday we were happily surprised by the invitation for a Satsang with him in the White Lotus Temple.


The Sangha is gathered again, our hearts connected as one, at the feet of the Master.


In one single Satsang, Swaha gives us a glimpse of all the colors of his Being. First he takes us deep, we feel a loving silence within. Then he touches our hearts, and soft tears of devotion and gratitude start to flow.


He answers a question about past lives, then he makes us drop that thought, bringing us back to this very moment.
He makes us aware of where we are; he reminds us of the beautiful place we live, here and now, inside and outside.


In this restless world, we have a magical oasis where we feel home, at peace; where we have the freedom to be ourselves, to live our true nature in a loving atmosphere.


Then he gets up and invites us to dance… and celebrate! What else can we do when there is so much joy sprouting from our beings?


And we dance and celebrate. We are alive, we are together, we are One … Yahoo!



We bow down to the One who is emptying our minds like he empties a coconut.