Mukti Festival

The second Mukti Festival happened in Mevlana Garden from the 14th to the 17th of November.

Everyone who had a chance to be there witnessed one of those magical moments that will always be remembered in the hearts.


Participants experienced many different activities: meditation, handcrafting, environmental workshops, clowns, music, dance, theater, yoga, folk.

The energy was very soft and cheerful, giving us that feeling of timelessness. Inside this atmosphere, on Saturday night, we all received the invitation from our Beloved Swaha to sit with him in Satsang on Sunday morning. What a Blessing!

And what happened in the following morning was beyond any words could describe. Babaji arrived welcoming everyone and sharing in his unique way about life, showing people that it is possible to get free from the invisible chains and walk towards a happy and relaxing way of living.

There were many people who were meeting our Master for the first time, and so many kids, and everyone seemed to have fallen so much in tune with His energy, and the meeting became truly blissful…tears and laughter, and singing and dance…

The hearts of the disciples exploded in gratitude to have this Angel, this clown of God, so close to us, so available to show the fascinating road towards real happiness.

Our dear Kirtana was also in Mevlana and gave us a beautiful concert and a soulful workshop.

At the end of the Festival, there was only the certainty that life is happening as never before. A Master is a mystery. Blessed are the ones who dive into this Ocean!