Finding the deeper silence


Having had a friend as a mirror in the search for who we are, we now turn inward – we surrender, we accept. Then silence can take over and bring us deeper. Closer to the truth of who we are.

Now we simply sit with whatever is there, in every new moment.


The invitation is to let thoughts, feelings and sensations pass.
Let all the focus go in, while we watch our breath.


We are supported by nature.
It is here, helping us to stay in the Now.




More and more snow is covering us as we go deeper into silence. Now, not only our friends disappear in fluffy white powder, but also Dharma Mountain! We have worked on releasing our own heavy burdens, and now we need to do the same for our beautiful home here…. With the Beloved in our hearts, the “heavy work” can also happen in a light and playful way.



Again our Beloved is here, with us and for us. Playfully guiding us with his wisdom. Always tuning us into the bigger picture.

It’s just coming back to that which is natural. There is no ritual, no teaching, it’s just being your own inner wisdom. Everything is written there – how to be a beautiful human being, not run by the mind, but run by the heart, by your own consciousness.

That is Guru prasad, that is the gift of the gurus. Insight, conciousness, awareness, love.
Not to be a slave of your lower unconscious instincts, but to enjoy your own being.

Vasant Swaha



 I teach you a silence that is full of joy. Not a dull silence, but a silence that is beating in the heart of Existence.

Vasant Swaha