In The Beloved’s Garden


After diving into the snow and the depths of The Sacred Silence in Dharma Mountain, we are back in Mevlana Garden – walking barefoot in his warm, beautiful oasis.


The juicy aliveness. The singing of the frogs and the birds. The wild wind caressing the skin. The strong waves. The whirling butterflies. The passionate thunder. The fresh rain. The hot sun. The colors… Everything here reminding us: we are alive! We are alive, Now!


The fragrance of the nectar is in the air. New friends and old have followed the longing of their hearts and found their way to The Beloved’s Garden.



These first days of the retreat, we are opening up, freeing our spirit, cleaning out. Preparing ourselves to sit with The Beloved.


We have all come here by following the longing for this nectar, following this fragrance of love and truth.


How blessed we are.
The fragrance is already in the air. We can feel it in every breath. Soon we will sit with him.



Video Satsang from the first week: