Born Again


We are the lucky ones. The blessed ones who sit at the feet of a living Master. In some mysterious way, we have found our path here, to the garden of the Beloved. The silent calling of our hearts has led us to this oasis of truth. In a world preoccupied with the outside, with material things, with images and masks, we find a safe place to come home to ourselves.



The habits and conditionings of lifetimes have a strong grip on us. It can be difficult and painful to wake up to the truth. But here, in the buddhafield of the Master and with the loving compassion of the sangha, we can relax into the truth. The truth which feels new, but is in fact our eternal true self.



The mind cannot comprehend this truth, but the heart longs for it. We need help to go beyond the mind and to come back to the innocent heart.

In the world, everybody wants to know. The heads are huge, and the hearts are very small. You have to change that – full heart and empty head. Then you always have an innocent smile on your face.

Vasant Swaha

To help us on this journey back to the innocent heart, we are diving into a process called “Born Again”. We are reconnecting with our inner child – giving him space to come out and play. To become free again.


Our wild Master is ready to dance and play with us… And blow our minds!



Tears and laughter, joy and pain – all the colors of our emotional rainbow are seen, as we let go of the serious adult and embrace the playful child. In the end, it is a cleaning – an opportunity to drop the baggage we have picked up throughout our lives and to become “new” again. To die to the false and be born again in the real.



Sannyas is a new birth – in oneself, by oneself, of oneself. And it is also a death. Not an ordinary death, but a great death. It is the death of all that you were up till yesterday, and what you are now. You must keep dying every moment to be new, so that the new can be born again and again and again. Now you will not remain stagnant even for a moment. You have to die and be reborn every moment. That is the only sadhana, the only practice, the real meditation. Live like a river, not like a pond.