Let it go Deeper


We are in the flow. Jumping into the river, jumping into life. Returning to the source. Returning to ourselves.


The Born Again process has helped us to reclaim our childhood innocence – to drop our seriousness and relax into simply being. Continuing this playful dance of life, we now prepare to jump into ourselves, bringing the energy deeper, to a more silent space. Touching that which is beyond words, we attempt to articulate our sense of self.


Now you have woken up, you have been playful, your energies are moving. You are alive. Now, bring it back into yourself. Forget everybody else; keep your whole focus on yourself. All that energy that you’ve been stirring up, bring it in. Let it go deeper.

Vasant Swaha


Again and again, we ask the question –  “Who am I?” Each time, going deeper – beyond the conditioning, beyond the ideas, beyond the mind. Our friends become mirrors to help us see ourselves more clearly. We sit together, patiently peeling back the layers of self-image, catching glimpses of the real.


Then, with this question resonating within us, we lie down and simply breathe. Breaking the habits of the body by breathing deeply and without pause between breaths, we allow whatever comes up to come up. Surrendering to the mystery, opening to the flow.



Buddha said, “These are the wise ones, who have mastered this – their body, their mind, their actions, their thinking.” Now in the silence, use the opportunity to bring your whole energy back to yourself.
Become more conscious of your body, your mind, your emotions, your feelings, and let everything settle more and more.
Go slower, become more graceful, more relaxed.
As awareness is growing in you, you will feel a natural pull to be more silent, resting in your own being.

Vasant Swaha


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