The Master


How do you thank the Master?
How do you thank the one who has led you to the gates of paradise and invited you inside? The one who has lifted you from the sea of confusion, into his boat of peace.
How to express the gratitude which fills your heart?


All you can do is to become a hollow bamboo, that He may put you to his lips and play sweet music on you. Melt in the blissful heart which overflows with joy.
You can live each moment with presence, breathe each breath with reverence. Take this precious gift that you have been given and take care of it as you leave this oasis of peace and venture back into the world.
The challenge is to remember. Remember the space you have touched. Remember that there is only this moment. Whatever happens on the outside, this inner depth of peace is always available.



We have touched something which has changed our lives forever – we have tasted our own true nature. It takes courage to stand up for our insights. It takes strength of spirit to remain in our hearts and not to get involved in the dramas and distractions which fill the world. With our Master in our hearts, the impossible becomes possible.


The only thanks we can really give to the Master is to remain awake. By his grace, we have opened our eyes. Now, we bring our focus to remaining present, alert, aware. There is no easy way, but easy is right. Thank you, beloved Master.

Buddha says: We are what we think. So be aware of your mind. Because the mind can create the whole world, so one has to be alert. Just one idea coming into your mind, and you can jump on it, and it goes on and on and on, creating a whole universe, a whole story, out of something that might not be real at all; you have just fabricated it, made it into a big movie. Don’t waste your energy on thoughts – you will always be lost. You have to go deeper than the mind. The mind is always restless, so it will always take you for a ride, and most of the time not a good ride.

Listen to the heart. The heart has its own wisdom. The heart knows – the mind thinks.

May everyone have the courage to follow their heart.

Vasant Swaha