Surprise Satsang Weekend


It is autumn in Ibiraquera. Nature is softly slowing down, retreating. Summer is gone, the next retreat is only in November. People go on with their lives – some preparing for a trip to the North to be with the Beloved, others settling in, getting ready for the winter in Ibiraquera.

Then, a surprise: Babaji is inviting us for a Satsang weekend!


Suddenly all individual plans are put aside, and the caravan serai is gathered again, at the feet of the Master. People who are planning to go, people who are planning to stay, others coming from different places – all become One Sangha, thirsty to drink from the Source once again.

The cold wind and rain (just like a Scandinavian summer!) brought a cozy feeling to this beautiful gathering and, by sitting with the Beloved, all hearts were warm again.


A friend asked if the Master could help her realize her true nature, beyond her mind and fears. Swaha lovingly called her in front and, just by being in his presence, she could uncover what is already here, and have a taste of her true being.

Another friend shared that she realized what a blessing it is to be a devotee, and that this realization gives her courage to face any stumbling blocks she meets on her way to freedom.

The way of the Master is courage, love and trust, and he is happy when we realize that!

Let’s talk about love and devotion tonight. And for the rest of our lives…

Vasant Swaha