Unfolding Our Being


We are witnessing the beauty of spring. Birches burst into intense light green. Birds sing their songs into late nights and early dawns. The dandelions bloom in unimaginable abundance. We live it, and we love it.


We rediscover spring within ourselves. In His light, we unfold and bloom – in bliss and gratitude. We feel it in ourselves, and we feel it in our friends. In our hearts, we know.

Everything in nature just unfolds by itself. So effortless. Such trust. So organic. And that´s how easy it is, if you just become natural.

Vasant Swaha

140525_NO_Sujan_044140525_NO_Sujan_008140528_Norway_Savini_138Then Swaha invites us to sit with him out in nature – in the fresh air, under the wide open sky. What a beautiful way to celebrate this spring! This life!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Beloved. For helping us to bloom again and again.


Can we just relax now…