Mother Earth Weekend


This last weekend, the Sangha came together at Dharma Mountain, to work and focus our energy into making this magical place even more beautiful.

It was also a weekend of gratitude – to Mother Earth and to the divine life we are invited to live with our Beloved Master.
Gratitude for this silent, majestic place in the mountains of Norway.


It is an invitation for us to open our eyes, and see – really see – that everything is provided. Beauty surrounds us. Mother Earth holds us. This forest is soaked with Love…


It is an invitation to recognize the unique opportunity that is given to us in this life – and to live our lives for this.

This is the gift we can give to ourselves. To choose to live our lives for beauty, for Love, for Truth.


When we give ourselves to the beauty, to Love, to the Whole, we are receiving the greatest gift. Life supports us. The Beloved supports us. In Satsang, he shares with us his divine gifts, his generosity, his eternal beauty. It is beyond any words…