Gate, gate, paragate…


In all the buddha statues, the eyes are closed. Why? Because he doesn’t want to get lost; he had enough of the world. He wants to find himself. Not only find himself, but to enjoy his inner being. He wants to be settled in the heart. That is meditation.

Vasant Swaha


As we become friends with silence, we are finding new dimensions within ourselves. Rediscovering what has been lost. Touching our true nature.


The journey is not always easy. We are looking at ourselves in the mirror of the Master. Around him, everything will come up – it has to. To be clean, to be fresh, to be natural, to be free.


In India, another name for the Master is the dhobi walla – the washer man. We are in the washing machine and as much as the washing and tumbling can disturb and upset us, in the end, we are hanging out to dry in the sunshine. Shining, light and alive!


Thank you beloved, for your endless caring, love, compassion and light.


Remember you are a buddha. Seek the highest consciousness, go for your buddha nature; be steady. Don’t get lost in the darkness. Don’t settles for just the crumbs. Go on as long as you can go on. These were the last words of the Buddha: go on, go on. Don’t give up.

Vasant Swaha



 Here you can see the video satsang which was shown in the third week of this retreat:

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