The witness

140720-NO-RAAHI-9406Silence has settled here at Dharma Mountain now. After two weeks with a minimum of communication, we are able to see more of all that is generated by our minds. Layer by layer, we peel off the ideas of who we think we are, supported by all kinds of meditations.


And slowly, the observer in us comes forth. Observing the mind and its tricks.  Observing the ideas – about ourselves, about others.  Observing the emotions, the smile, the tear, that is there in us.


Observing our naked foot, meeting the ground.  The birdsongs, the changing sound of the river – distant, near.

Observing, and not being so carried away by what we observe.
The peace of silence. The silence of peace.

Now, we can stop.
And enjoy ourselves, more clean, pure.  More our true self.
Closer to the Beloved One.

What a blessed life!


When I say stop, it means stop the mental chatter. Don’t get involved, learn the art of witnessing, of watching the mind. It means not to be identified with the thoughts. That is what stopping means.

Then out of this sitting doing nothing – relaxing into your being – silence can emerge, together with a new awareness that normally is hidden by your mental chatter. Then this silence will come and kiss you. And it will only do that when you are ready and receptive for it.

Vasant Swaha