May everyone realize that they are free.
Vasant Swaha
Free. As the wind that blows from the ocean.
Free. To dance and play like leaves in the wind.
Free. To explore ourselves on the deepest level.
Free. To drop our ideas of who we are.
Free. To be in the moment.
Free. To breathe.
Until we can realize this freedom for ourselves, our beloved Master provides the chance for us to get a taste of it. In the groups, in the meditations – in fact, in everything we do here – we have the opportunity to really feel free. Everything is provided. We can retreat from the normal worries and distractions, and experience a new way of being.
And in Satsang, he shares himself with us, using words to communicate silence, speaking the unspeakable. His love soaks us and we gratefully drown in it.
The Winds of Freedom are blowing. Blowing our minds and freeing our hearts.
Jai Babaji!
Here you can see the video Satsang from this week:

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