Courageous Heart



A word we have so many ideas and expectations about.  We have grown up with some understanding of it, and learned to relate to it.  As we mature, we think we know…  But in reality, we don’t. We don’t know about the real Love, the true Love, the unconditional Love.


Our Beloved is here to wake up this Love in us. The seed of it lives in us all. And once the understanding of this Love is ignited, transformation starts happening. And it is so delightful – we just want more, and more, and more….!


We are into the second week of the retreat Winds of Freedom, and many of us are following the program ”Courageous Heart”.  It is a process designed to help us to see, clean out and unburden what is still standing between us and Life, Existence, our True Self, The Master.


We all have our patterns, habits, beliefs and ideas that keep us from being real, from being naked, from relaxing into just being ourselves.
As we may know, often these patterns comes from our childhood, from things we learned very early in our lives about who we think we are.


Only by knowing yourself, loving yourself, will you accept – yourself and everybody.
And then peace comes.  Love comes.
Joy comes.
Because you are open.  Nothing between you and life.

Vasant Swaha


We just want more, and more, and more….!