the Secret

Having rediscovered our courageous heart, we now have the chance to simply be with it. The gift which silence brings is that we can ignore everything else – all that which usually takes our attention and energy away – and put the focus on ourselves. Normally, we are so identified with our sense of “me”, that the ego can keep us in our heads. Now we can simply rest in the heart and get a different perspective.
Walking to meditations, eating meals, doing our everyday chores – all take on a different feeling when we are silent. The flavor of awareness can be tasted in each move, a softness in each gaze, a presence in each step. Slowly, slowly, we can become aware of the deep peace which lies just beneath the surface of our busy and noisy lives. Without the distractions, we can begin to see the bigger picture. And what beauty! A taste of the divine.
Our beloved is waking us up to this. He is showing us the beauty within and around us. We are normally like the fish in the sea who is thirsty. Now, by his grace, we become aware that we can open our mouths and drink. Then we realize just how thirsty we were and how lucky that we found this rare oasis. In gratitude, we drink in this precious silence.
Only in silence, the secret is heard.
May everyone listen to and understand that which is said in silence.
Beyond the words. Beyond your roles. Beyond your mind.
Vasant Swaha