Zen Snow – Zen Fire


I really have nothing to talk about.  There is nothing to be said, because the truth cannot be said. But in some mysterious way, the truth also comes through words – if the source is silence. Normally, the words come from the mind, which is noise.  Then there is always misunderstanding, confusion, comparison.  But if you have an open heart, open mind, and you hear the truth, then there is nothing to compare, nothing to understand.  It just sinks in, and fills you.  And that’s how meditation is.

Allow this silence to fill you.

Vasant Swaha


The Beloved One has come to us to share Love, this time by introducing us to the world of Zen.  A world beyond opposites.  A world with no substance, no measures.  Yet, it is so real, something in us knows it.  And the deeper we go, the more beautiful it gets.


Supported by a soft program, silence and nature, we wind down, and realize that we have everything that is needed.  There is nothing to gain.  So we can stop, and just be.


As this understanding goes deeper, we settle into the beauty of nothingness, and Love – where we can find our true self.



It is almost impossible to do the work needed to go above oneself.  To pull yourself up by the shoestrings.  It’s almost impossible, but it is possible.  That is the only reason why the enlightened ones are talking, or having Satsangs.  It is to free those who are seeking, those who are still in the dark, of this illusion of ego that makes them bound to suffering.  It is to remind them that it is possible; to show that it is possible. Otherwise, how can you believe it? It’s too good to be true!  The Masters are the proof that it is possible.  That whoever sees his true nature, is a Buddha.

May everybody see their own true nature and be happy.

Vasant Swaha


Here is a video clip of the opening of the first Satsang.