A beautiful World

In Mevlana Garden, the garden of our Beloved, friends are arriving from far and near. The Heart of the Mystic retreat will begin soon and with just one day to go, we are invited to a surprise Satsang! The news spreads fast and soon we are gathered in the Temple of the White Lotus with happy hearts.
In answer to a question from a disciple, Swaha tells us that he sees the world as beautiful. He reminds us of the words of Buddha: “You make your own world, so be careful how you make it.” If we are conscious, we can make a paradise. Unconscious, we make a hell.
So, we have gathered together, to become more conscious. To take responsibility for how we live our lives. To find the “it” which brings the joy and bliss which is always there, if we are available for it.
The soul is always asking you to come home, but very few people hear it.
You can be forgetful. You can be lost. But it is always there.
And that’s what the master is there for – to turn your direction back home. Inward.
Vasant Swaha