You are not here to be sad, serious. You should be happy.
Life is a gift.
Dancing, jumping, crying, shouting – and more.  Moving our energy helps us to come back into our bodies.  To feel awake, aware, alive.  Everything we do here, is to help us to get back in contact with our true selves.  Normally, we operate in a society with strict rules.  We are not free to be natural, to explore our feelings.  We are run by the 9 to 5 world of work, on a timetable set by someone else.  Finding our own rhythm can be challenging, but that is what we are here for…
Now, we are ready to start the Mystic Rose.  This special process, created by Osho, will bring us through a week of laughing, a week of crying and a week of silence.  We do not know where it will lead us, but we are trusting and committed.  That is all that is necessary.  A willingness to be open – to hear the silent whisper of the heart.  To trust, to be total.
With us, we have a guide.  Someone who has traveled this road back to himself.  Someone to shine a light on our path, who shows us that it is possible.  Our beloved Master.
Welcome, welcome.  Welcome to silence.  Welcome to love.  Welcome home.