The Greatest Strength

Who would think that laughing and crying could be such powerful tools to look at ourselves?  Such are the things which happen around an alive master.  Becoming more natural, exploring the basic things in life such as laughter and tears, can give us the greatest insights.  The power of relaxing into our natural state is clearly demonstrated.
Having the courage to let go into our deepest feelings, frees us.  Frees us from the mind.  Frees us from the tyranny of worrying about what others think of us.  Frees us to live totally.
And courage is needed, as our beloved reminds us:
This is what bravery is all about.  To stand up for yourself, and allow yourself to collapse.
Just relax, let go.
It takes no strength, but it is the greatest strength.
To trust.  To let go into life.  Into God.  Into Love.
And as we let go, more and more – we feel this love, more and more.  The buddhafield is saturated by it.  We are saturated by it.  All that is felt is an overflowing of gratitude.  Tears of bliss and joy flow and the crying becomes a celebration.  A celebration of life, of freedom – of our blessed lives at the feet of the awakened one.