Gods and Godesses

These last weeks have been less and less – more and more.
Less and less of the mind, the distractions, the habits, the normal.
More and more space, peace, insights, now-ness.


The Mystic Rose Meditation has brought us through a week of laughter, a week of crying and a week of silence. Pushing ourselves beyond the limits of our mind.  Showing us that these limits are false.  Giving us the opportunity to experience this falseness for ourselves – so that we can have no doubt.
For that is what being here and now means.  We each have our own unique experiences.  We are not reading about it, not hearing about it, but living it. Everything is clear – everything is real.  Our hearts are filled with this knowing and the mind is powerless to resist it.


Accepting our own being, we can take care of ourselves.
You are all gods and godesses. Just start accepting it and living like it. That is the challenge.
Go in peace. Go in love. Go in Freedom.
Om Shanti.