Wisdom Heart


Wisdom heart is always there, available. The question is if you are in touch with it or not. Because the whisper of the heart is very silent, so you have to become silent, going beyond your noisy mind. You are here to re-establish your contact  with your true Being.
This is Satsang – where you reconnect with your real Self.
Once again, our hearts have led us to the mountains of Norway, to sit in the forest with the birds and the trees, at the feet of our Master. The snows still cover the mountain tops, as the valley below turns green with new growth. Like the leaves and the flowers, we feel the vital energy, calling us to open up and grow. Hungry for the sun, thirsty for the showers and grateful for the atmosphere of love which is available to us in this special place.
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Sitting in satsang, we bask in the glow of his love. We drink in his words. We rest in his care.
We are bees around a fragrant flower. We are birds singing the glory of a beautiful day. We are children learning to play again.
Thank you Swaha, for the sunshine of your presence. For giving us seekers this opportunity to be together in this journey back to our own hearts.
This is my only prayer: may you all melt like the snow in the mountain, running down the mountainside giggling. Joining the rivers in the valley and then flowing all the way to the ocean.