Taking Satsang Home


In the presence of the Master, the truth and clarity of our original being is disclosed.  We rediscover the beauty of being the clean, pure heart we are born to be.  We recognize it, and we soar in the beauty of it.  The mystery of our existence, as an unique part of the unity, settles in our being.  Here, it expands in the light and presence of the Master.   This is Satsang with Swaha.


Now, it is time to integrate what we have discovered.  Time to bring the jewel of silence, the jewel of Love, the jewel of our true self that has been awakened into our daily lives.  We might not be in the physical presence of our Master, but we can bring his presence with us in all that we do.  Then the silent voice of our master can be recognized as the master in us.  Master and disciple are one.


Satsang, melting with truth, is available to all of us, at any time. This is the message of the gurus, this is their invitation.  By removing the clouds of the mind, our buddha nature can come forth.

You have to come to a place in yourself where there is always Satsang,
whether you are inside this so-called Satsang hall or not.

Satsang is an ongoing process.
For me it is always Satsang,
always Now.

Vasant Swaha


No words can explain the depths of gratitude growing in our heart for the Beloved One.   He who has touched us, awakened us.  Provoked us out of our comfort zones over and over again, healing our souls.  Only to realize this One Beauty, the One Love.

What a blessed life.
Thank you Beloved.