The Silence Of Satsang


Question: Is love possible without awareness?
Swaha: No. To me, love and awareness are the same. They are like two wings of the same bird.


The forest temple, summer, Norway. People arriving, sitting down, tucking blankets under themselves, small pillows behind their backs. The intense green of Norwegian summer surrounds us. Pines, birch, and heather with blueberries not yet ripe. And the sounds: The chirping of a sparrow, the singing of a wagtail, the shivering of aspen leaves. River running like a bass in the background, the sharp humming of mosquitoes. A small cold breeze stroking our chins, making us pull our blankets closer.

Humming starts, breathing with sound, the vibration weaving us secretly together, merging us into one soft blanket of sound. Closed eyes. We are landing together, coming together in silence. The air is filled with anticipation.


This is a silence filled with a special energy. The waiting for the master. Waiting in joy and alertness. Any time now he will come. Anticipation, like the moment before the first kiss.

Suddenly his presence is there. He is coming out of the forest, like he was always there, just waiting for us to come. And he comes inside the temple to sit with us, greeting us with namaste.




He comes to share himself with us. Telling stories, answering questions, reading our letters. But most of all, just being here, in the silence between the words.

We come into a deeper silence. We are soaked in light. The silence when he enters is not ours. We are part of something we don’t understand, it is bigger than us.

When the drop falls into the ocean, where will you find it?
Where am I? Who am I? There is no I.
There is only the ocean – the ocean of love, the ocean of consciousness.
In the ocean there is no separation, no master, no disciple.

That is what is happening in Satsang – you are coming back to the One Heart,
to the ocean of wisdom.

Vasant Swaha