Love is Acceptance

150909_BR_Ram_026Yesterday we were in His presence!

For us, disciples and friends, nothing in this world could come close to this joy! It’s truly an adventure of entering a timeless dimension. He invites us into His temple of Love, into his field of Consciousness.

And we say: Yes, Beloved, Yes, that’s what makes us alive!

With His innocent simplicity, he answered a letter about relationship, and offered us the chance again to see how beautiful it can be, how magical is the gift of the meeting between man and woman, when a deeper level of our being is reached.

He shared that a balance is still to be found between the joy of togetherness and the depth of aloneness, when one doesn’t need the other, doesn’t try to change the other… Love is acceptance, it’s beyond desires and expectations. Our Beloved reminded us that Friendship is the nectar that should be the real foundation of a couple.

150908_BR_Ram_016And in between His sacred words, He brings jokes, just to make sure that we do not take things seriously, that we become totally open to go beyond the words to jump into Life, and dare to experience the New!

Our Master is a crazy one, and at the same time, He is the source of clarity. The divine spark coming from his presence goes in like a sharp arrow, reminding us to truly live, savouring each moment of this precious life we have.

150909_BR_Ram_030Yes, we are learning with Him, year after year, that Satsang is not a lecture full of words, it’s a bonfire burning anything hindering our way to wake up.

Beloved Babaji, Thank You. Thank You!