Innocent Heart

Our Beloved gave us another present last Thursday.150917_BR_Ram_033

Throughout Satsang the subject seemed to be our difficulty in this journey of growing from being an innocent child to become an adult, the unhealed memories of being a child without receiving the right care, and the conflicts of parents not knowing how to help.

Commenting a few letters, Babaji brought his light reminding us to become observers of our thoughts and emotions, to be able to regain our innocence as we get mature. Parents should become friends with their children, only this friendship can bring them together in understanding. Only then a child can become confident with life. But for this friendship to flourish, the parents have to have the courage to go beyond their patterns.


Heart is the teaching of our Master, Heart is the only intelligence. All He is doing is to ignite our own heart.

All the rest has no importance, only the realisation that the journey is too sacred to be wasted.


Our Beloved is our True Heart. How fortunate, how blessed to be at His feet.