The Journey Begins

That’s the first thing on this journey, and I go on reminding you – Follow your own heart.
That is what is important.  And when you start following your own heart, your own truth – then you will feel that unknown strength which is stronger than anything, because it is real.
Returning from a visit to the land of the rising sun, the man of the mountains has come to his garden by the sea.  Travellers converge on this paradise, drawn like bees to the flower.  The fragrance of the Master permeates the place, so that even before we sit in satsang, we can feel the energy, the love, the grace which is the buddhafield.
The universal man shines his light, and we are bathed in truth.
Coming with our ideas, our pasts, our burdens – his invitation is to leave them all aside and simply trust.
In a crazy world where nothing is certain, the instinct might be to find certainty, to find something to hold on to…  This is not the role of the Master.  His function is to shake us up.  He challenges us.  He pushes our buttons. We have been living in a dream for lifetimes.  Now the sun is rising.  It is time to wake up.
We come with questions.  Our minds want answers.  We have a need to understand.  But the Master is beyond words – beyond what our minds can comprehend.  Only by travelling with him to this unknown world can we find a place beyond travelling.  A place to stop.  A place to be.
We have only just arrived and the journey begins anew.

Something is happening, questions are disappearing, seeing is happening, clarity is happening.  Then you start a totally new journey.  Not of going somewhere, or finding out something, but of going deeper, into the present.  And that is what the Master wants, he tries to stop you, so you can become more and more present in the moment, in your Self.


Here you can see the video satsang from the first week of the retreat: