Seeds of Love

Through our dear sister Pema Devi, Babaji Sensei was invited to share his presence and wisdom in a Satsang at the Chion-in temple in Kyoto.


It was a very touching experience to witness people’s readiness and thirst, their longing to sit with the Master. Babaji was received with blissful singing, tears and giggles.


One Satsang became two, as the Beloved just couldn’t stop pouring his love and sweetness. Answering to questions from Pema Devi’s students, Babaji talked about many different topics, giving us a complete ‘road map’ for this search; everything a spiritual seeker would ever need.


With his divine yet down to earth way of speaking the truth, the teaching is truly absorbed. It is alive and it is simple. It is not something to be accomplished out there in the future, it is here now.


Babaji Sensei has awakened people’s hearts and souls, giving us an alive experience of something that till now had only been read and studied in books and scriptures. In only two Satsangs, he said it all…

This is what can happen in Satsang: you will hear the truth and it sinks in. And you embrace it, because you feel it’s so precious. And that will transform you. Even if it’s heard only once, the seed has been planted.

This very Earth, the lotus paradise. This very body, the Buddha.

Accept it, nourish it and be happy.

Take it to your heart, let it sink deep, be silent.
Nourish it in the silence and everything will be heard.
The wisdom of all the buddhas is in your own heart.
Just become silent, prayerful, grateful.

Aum Shanti


Now his seeds of love and consciousness have been spread in the East, and the beautiful, innocent hearts of Japan are glowing with a new life.



Here is a taste of Babaji’s journey in his beloved Japan: