Creating from Emptiness


Beloved Winter Space,
We have received your support for our Sacred Silence retreats, this year there is no retreat happening.
Now you almost look empty. You even look cold… How wrong we can be…

In this sacred silent winter space, there is sooooo much life – cooking, boiling, moving, dancing,
celebrating, singing, vibrating, jubilating – it can’t wait for spring to come.



With no rules, playing with the moment – the unexpected is happening. What a surprise!
Creativity is flowing so natural, just trusting the energy. How easy it can be…



Beloved Winter Space, you show us how to keep warm together – sharing our colors, trusting ourselves in togetherness,
growing and supporting, expanding in the new, giving life to the flowers we are. How flowering the Sangha can be…


Beloved Master,
Thank you for showering your grace over us and reminding us that there is no distance…
you live inside us, nourishing us to grow, supporting us to blossom even in the winter. 
Rumi says:  “…don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter.
It is quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.” 


How funny it is…