Fragrance of the Buddha



Once again, the Sangha gathers to sit at the feet of our Beloved. This time, it is half way around the world, in a new place he found for us; a beautiful resort on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand.


What makes a bunch of crazy devotees travel so far to sit with their Master?

It is the longing to come home to ones true self.  The beautiful, innocent self we have forgotten about.  It is so hidden in our times.  But it is there, pulsating silently, waiting to be recognized.  And then, touched by our Master, our hearts bloom into a beauty beyond any concepts of beauty.


Osho said that it is almost impossible to get rid of your ego, to wake up, if you don’t meet someone who catches your heart, in such a way that you love that more than yourself.  Because you recognize something.  And when the heart recognizes, then no fear, no idea can hold you back.

Vasant Swaha


Our knowing heart has brought us here.
In complete gratitude, we soak the nectar of Love, of the Master.