Thailand has been fresh for all of us – everything is new.
New surroundings…
New smells…
New spices…
New touches…
New bird songs…
Who are we in this new?

Being in our Beloved Master’s energy, we softly blend into the new, becoming part of it, and even more than that, going beyond it.  Into ourselves, to an untouched place, where only peace is.



Soon the marketplace will be there waiting for us.  It will tempt us away again.  But to stop and go in – that is never far away.  Our Master reminds us that the real, quiet temple is inside us.  Our real being is always there, silent, watching – like a Buddha.



When you are lost in the market, then you forget about your inner temple, your inner silence. And it’s very easy that you just walk by this inner temple, because it’s so much more exciting, so much more colours, action, music, people outside. Nothing is happening in there.

But how nourishing it is when you first come in. Then you remember something that you can not get in the market. Everything can relax. And in that relaxation, in that silence, all your energy comes back to its source. When you are centred, relaxed in yourself, bliss comes. Understanding comes. Peace comes. And in that peace, in that understanding, in that clarity, the whole desire to be with the masses disappears – effortlessly. Because you have come to something more precious, something you can never find in the market place – your own eternal Self.

Vasant Swaha