Still, like a statue, our beloved Master sits.
Silently inviting us to go deeper.
Deeper, where the heart whispers.
Deeper, where the truth beckons.
Deeper, beyond anything we know.
In this land of a million buddha statues,
We are blessed to sit with a living buddha.
In this life of a thousand distractions,
In our Master, we face the mirror of truth.
Thirsty hearts drink his is-ness,
recognizing the real,
coming home to the now.
The fragrance of the Buddha is silence.
The teachings of the Buddha is silence.
So remember only in silence can you hear the message of the buddhas. In that silence, your own inner wisdom can come forth. That wisdom, that light, which is covered by your words, by your projections, by your anger, by your comparisons. That silence which is hidden by the cloud of your mind. Your emotions.
Only when you are silent, at peace, open, relaxed, can that essence, can that grace, descend into you.