Destroyer of egos



Again, our Beloved Master has blessed us with the question – Who am I?

What a gift! What a mirror!

Reminding us to ask, being curious and honest with ourselves.
Bringing this question inside, again and again.


Who am I?

Coming back to here and now,
With this magical question – this flashlight in the dark,
A simple question – a ray of light,
Giving a rainbow of answers or no answer at all.


Enabling us to go deeper, deeper and deeper,
Higher, higher and higher,
Giving us wings to fly.
Who am I?


Cleaning, sweeping the house,
Basement, Ground floor, Cellar, Attic. Even the Top floor and the chimney. Yahoo!!!
Opening doors and windows. Oh, so fresh! Oh, so much life!
Who is ruling inside? What is true?

Intoxicated, cooked, showered in Love, dancing with the question inside.

Who am I?

Who am I?


Echoing through the day. Echoing through the night. Echoing again and again…
Clearing – Seeing – Laughing and crying at the games, the tricks.
What a blessed journey,
What a blessed question:

Who am I?


In this inner fun park. Guided by the Master.
Blessed with a ride, blessed with a walk in the One.
Blessed to sit with the Destroyer of egos.