Blissful Spring



I am the Blissful Spring. And in spring, millions of flowers bloom.

Vasant Swaha

Like baby birds leaving the nest, we are flying off to return to our daily lives.
Our beloved has blessed us with his presence and through his grace we have tasted the winds of freedom. Now he reminds us to take care of this precious gift.


If you find something so precious, you have to take care of it. That is the test when you go out into the world.

So reflect on it, see how you can be more conscious, more relaxed. And bring it into your daily life, because the habits are so strong – which so many of you have felt. You have to consciously take care of it. Only in awareness do things really change. That’s what I mean by responsibility. Now you have found something so beautiful, so good. Coming back to your own true self. Nurture it.


Vasant Swaha





Fly well, until we meet again in Dharma Mountain.