Talking in Silence


This past week, we have walked the path of the mystic in silence. But in this paradoxical world of the enlightened ones, the silence is filled with talking. Talking from silence, in silence, has a special energy. It is not the chattering talk of the monkey mind, but the inner voice, speaking from a desire to find out “Who am I?”


And that is how the mystery unfolds. Friend asking friend “Who are you?”
The question resonates, provoking answers from the very depths of our being. We touch spaces in ourselves that we had forgotten about. We find answers we never knew we were capable of speaking.


With each answer, we go a bit deeper. We begin to question our ideas of who we are and the framework by which we define ourselves. We are not just questioning everything, we are questioning the very thing which we live with every day. The “I” which is at the centre of everything we say or do.


Slowly, slowly we begin see past the ideas and the conditionings which make up what we think we are. Slowly, slowly we begin to realise that we are all in the one boat, together in this journey back to ourselves.



Language is needed to communicate on the surface, but hopefully, you go deeper than the language. Then you will understand everything.