The subject tonight is Love


Tonight a storm came to Ibiraquera and Mevlana Garden. Thunder, wind and rain, shaking the temple, flooding the streets, cutting off the electricity and the music after satsang. We are here in silence with our master, in the center of the storm. We are not soaked with rain, we are soaked in love. A love that is so simple, so easy to surrender to.

It is out there, in the storm, that it is difficult. As if in a storm, the world is shaking – with war, terrorism, poverty and climate changes. People are losing trust in their leaders and we have never seen so many refugees. Fear, greed and cunningness seem easier to find than love, innocence and peace.


Is it dangerous to surrender to love and innocence?
Inquiring into this question we have found that love is dangerous only to the ego. Surrendering means to disappear, and the ego has a hard time disappearing. When we see this and open up to it – allow ourselves to soak in our master’s presence β€“it becomes easy to surrender.


And how blessed are we who are here, in his presence. Because with him, love is the subject every night. Let’s not waste any more time. The world has never needed love more than now. It is urgent.


Let’s talk about love. This night and tomorrow and every other night. Let us soak in the love that he speaks about, a love that is real, a love that is One. So that each of us can become a light, and together we can become millions of lights and spread this light of love into the world.