Journey to the Heart

Dancing, singing, sharing,
meeting from the heart,
finding clarity,
This journey to the Heart is amazing, with our joyful, playful master.


I’m here for those who want to be free, so if that is what you
want, stand up for it. Nothing is hindering you. Just be ready to drop
your past. Free yourself of all your conditionings, everything that’s
holding you back. Allow yourself to be new, fresh. Because you are.
Can you accept it? Can you accept it? How do you feel then?
– In love.
Love gives you courage. People say that love makes you blind. It
means that you do little crazy things. But love makes you wise. They
have this saying it makes you blind, because you don’t listen to your
head anymore, and everybody listens to the head, to reason, to be
careful, no fun, playing it safe. But the heart, it just wants to
jump. It is beyond reason. Jump first, think after.





In ordinary life, everything is the same, and you know that. When you
come here, I stir up everything. You become alive. Your mind of course
goes a little crazy because it’s out of control. And the mind wants to
be in control. But your true being wants to be out of control, it
wants to be free, it wants to be happy. It says “fuck control!” But you
are trained very well to keep control, to behave well, to fit into
society, to be normal – whatever that means – like a machine. So of
course, I have to throw you into chaos, because only out of chaos
stars are born.