Live more and more in the moment.
From your heart.
Everything will be fresh.
Every moment new.
So beautiful.

That is the whole path of sannyas.
Losing your head and coming back to your heart.
That’s the path I’m taking you on.
The path of love.

Vasant Swaha

At the feet of our beloved,
new friends are finding old truths,
old friends are finding new truths.

One truth with different interpretations,
melting back into one, in the temple of love.

Turning inwards, we find our commitment to the path.
Inquiring, we find how much we do not know.
Bowing down, we allow ourselves to be filled.

What I want to give you is the courage to look at yourself. The first thing is you have to be steady and decide that. And then be patient, because it takes time for the seed to break, and to flower. But the most important for any seed, is a good soil. If you throw a seed on concrete, it dies. But if you put it in dark, moist earth, then it happens by itself. That’s what a sangha, a buddhafield is. It’s the right soil for budding buddhas.

Vasant Swaha