This Silence is enough

The hardest thing is to accept, deep in your being, that there is a sleep, an unconsciousness. And whatever meditations that are being done here are just to shake you. To bring you to a point where the sleeping consciousness cannot sleep any more. It has to wake up.
It is only a question of simple understanding.
You can wake up right now.
This silence is enough.


That’s my whole work – to wake you up.
Don’t waste time any more.
Observe you thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your habits, your moods – so you get more distance from them. So you more and more come back to your witnessing Self, which is what everyone is longing for.

I have so much to give you, but you have to be available.

Vasant Swaha

Love is the only thing that can save everybody. You have to trust that more than you trust yourself.
Have the courage to turn your back to your ego, to your habit – to yourself as you know yourself.

Leave the old. Enter the alive presence of this moment.

Vasant Swaha