In the footsteps of San Francesco

Our Beloved brings us only to beautiful places, both inside and out!
Now he has brought us to the green hills above the ancient town of Assisi, in the centre of Italy. The town where Saint Francis was born and spent most of his life in devotion to love and peace.
Time, ancient and modern, meet in this special place. The medieval town is like a time capsule, a mecca for christian pilgrims. In the hills around stand ancient woods, olive groves and vineyards. The birdsong and the playful, swooping, diving swallows invite a stopping and a peace.
Climbing to the hermitage of Saint Francis, you can enter the cave where he meditated. The energy is powerful. Silence and awe descend and tears of gratitude flow. Gratitude for all the mystics who chose to share themselves with thirsty seekers. Gratitude for our beloved, crazy Babaji. For the opportunity to follow our hearts on this sacred journey.
This path which is many, but one. Ancient and modern. Timeless. Only now.