Fire of Truth

“I never said it was going to be easy”, says the Master, many times, when we are meeting challenges on the way. “But it is very easy”, he also reminds us. “If you are easy, it is easy – if you are difficult, it is difficult”.

Surrender is effortless, when it happens.

In surrender, we fall into the river of life itself. Existence itself is carrying us, tickling us, kissing us, shaking us, throwing us down the waterfalls and lifting us softly in the glowing sunsets of the peaceful streams – bringing us home, bringing us into the ocean. 

Truth is, we are all in the River of Life, always. How could we not be?

But in surrender we allow it, we trust the stream to carry us. The alternative is to fight it – to fight the river, to swim against the stream, to fight life itself, to fight existence. It is a waste of energy, but somehow this simple insight takes lifetimes to realize for all of us.


The Master went to Italy. As he was joking about in the last Satsang in Brazil – he was entering into the Unknown 😉 

Many Italians who had never met Babaji before, came to the hills of Assisi to meet the Master, together with a group of old friends and seekers. We all entered into the Unknown 😉 – into the birdsong of Assisi, into the forests where St Francis fell in tune with nature and life itself. Where St Francis surrendered to the river, and to the ocean. 

To the area where he stood up against his family, where he disappointed everyone who had expectations on him, where he broke with the society – where he lost his reputation – and found himself. 
Where he sang in gratitude on his deathbed. Where he found that which is never born, and never dies. 

Here. In these hills of Assisi, in the birdsong – we were blessed to sit in Satsang with Swaha. To sit in the fire of truth. To sit with the Master, beautifully and ruthlessly Alive, Now. 
Not as a safe story from the past that we can dream about and feel comforted by. But as pure Honesty, available – so available – for any thirsty heart that wants to wake up. For any soul with the burning longing to come home, for any burning being opening the eyes to see we are already at home, we were always at home, home is all there is… 

In his love and compassion, he reaches out to us. He gives everything – to help us to see, to transform.
What a beautiful, touching gift it was to witness the Master pouring out his love and light to new and old friends. Sitting in Satsang, so vulnerable, and so strong. So helplessly surrendered to truth itself. Having nothing else to share than This. 


The Master was pouring out his love and light to those who were ready to receive it, and to those who were not. 

It is not a new story that the Master, the Free Being, the Fire of Truth – is provoking. That he shakes the ground for any falseness, any illusion, any clinging to our comfort zones. It is his love, it is his compassion – that reaches out for the real in us, for our true being, our heart. Egos might get hurt. Egos might take up the fight with life itself. 

The Master knows that this is not who we are. The Master knows the beauty of our true being, and he knows the care of the giggling river, the bliss of the ocean. There is so much love available for us. So much love. When we just surrender. When we just let go. 

…and St Francis is singing in the birdsong.