River of Tears

A river of tears is flooding the valley of Hedalen. Quiet tears, tears of agony and pain, sad tears and happy tears, crocodile tears and tears of gratitude and bliss. We have opened up the dams with laughter, breaking our houses floor after floor. Now we have come to the deeper layers, to the banks of our feelings, our sorrow and pain.

Some of us have locked ourselves out from these feelings for a long time, and tears are deeply hidden. We are supported by all our friends being here together, in the largest Mystic Rose group in the world. Let us open ourselves, let it all come, let the river be big and wild, so we can be empty at last, ready to sit with the Master.

The world is made of opposites – night and day, man and woman. That’s the symbol of yin and yang – they look opposites, but they need each other. Laughter and crying are needed. That is a sign that you are human. No animals can laugh or cry.
I want you to go through these opposites, so you can know all sides of yourself. It is a way to purify you. But there is something beyond all opposites also. We can call it “the transcendental”. And you can only reach the transcendental by being natural, by being in harmony. When people cannot laugh or cry, they are stuck, they are not really human beings. They are not natural. So first, you have to become natural. Then that which is beyond human can flower by itself.