Silent ripening

Silence is very precious. It’s a gift from God. You have to be worthy of it. You have to do your homework. All your mind, your problems, your attachments, your dreams, your plans – all that has to go. Silence, you cannot catch. You have to be receptive, open, vulnerable. Helpless. And then, wait. Patient. And silence will come when it comes. It’s not in your hands.

Our hearts
ripening, softening,
like blueberries in the heather.
Sweet taste on our lips,
colour bewitching
all that comes close.

it’s no more in our hands.
we just sit
in the rain
in the sun.

Melting together
into the Master chef’s blueberry pie.

If you are total, in this very moment everything can change. That is what I want to see, this totality, this trust, this surrender. You have so many dimensions I want to show you. But you have to go deeper. Are you ready? Are you ready to stake everything?