Did you get it?

Outside, the rain pours. The leaves fall from the trees like golden snowflakes.
Inside, it is only cozy. The Master comes to share himself with us, to help us out of our cloudy minds, inviting us home.

We have dreams about how we can take care of him, but we can barely take care of ourselves. He feeds us like lost kittens, allowing us to taste his sacred heart.

Be intelligent with where you are. Don’t think that you should be somewhere else. You have to see your life. This is what has been given to you. Then you make it as beautiful as you can, out of your own understanding, out of your own consciousness.

If you are a student of life, if you are a disciple of life, of love, then you allow life to shape you into anything. To knead you, just like you make bread. Whatever is needed, you just trust the baker. Then when it is finished, it is finished. Then there is nothing left, just to eat it and enjoy.